Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Stuck?

 I support you on your spiritual journey. From holding a space for your first healing session to helping you learn how to create the life you want to live.

If you are feeling stuck. Not sure which direction to go in. Feeling a bit lost. Or just feeling a bit out of sorts. I can work with you.

How do I work with you?

I use a combination of tools such as Reiki and Crystal Healing treatments which help to balance and unblock your chakras. What does this mean? It means  you get rid of any ‘stuff’ that no longer serves you from your past. Any emotional hurts from your past dissipate. I can feel when a chakra is blocked and intuitively know what work you need to do to move forward in your life. This can be done in person and via distance.

I offer Access Bars. Worst case it feels like a gentle head massage and best case it can change your life! That is how the guy who devised this therapy describes it. In my opinion, it is the best treatment I have ever had. It literally changed my life! This therapy does have to be done in person.

Tarot card readings and Angel Card Readings provide support and guidance when you need it. I also offer spiritual readings where I connect with the spirit of a passed love one. You don’t have to be present to have a reading. All I need is your full name. I draw several cards for you and send an audio as well as a photo of the cards drawn for you.

Spiritual Mentoring

I mentor individuals to move their business or personal life forward. We work together to raise your energy, to clear any blockages that are stopping you from living the life or having the business you deserve!

A Gentle Hug for the Soul book

I wrote A Gentle Hug for the Soul, A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need to give people tools that can help them when they are going through a difficult situation. It has been described as a new genre of self help book. It includes tools such as mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, Reiki, crystals and Access Bars. Tools that you can start using from when you start reading it.

If you would like to book a healing session or a reading contact me via the form below.