Everyone deserves A Gentle hug for the Soul as life can be tough and challenging at times.  I use a variety of spiritual tools to work with, to guide and to support people on their journey.

Many people come to me as they are feeling stuck. Not sure which direction to go in. They might be feeling a bit lost. Or just feeling a bit out of sorts.

I work in a variety of ways. I offer Reiki and Crystal Healing treatments which help to balance and unblock your chakras. What does this mean? It means  you get rid of any ‘stuff’ that no longer serves you from your past. Any emotional hurts from your past dissipate. I can feel when a chakra is blocked and intuitively know what work you need to do to move forward in your life

I offer Access Bars. Worst case it feels like a gentle head massage and best case it can change your life! That is how the guy who devised this therapy describes it. In my opinion, it is the best treatment I have ever had. It literally changed my life!

Tarot card readings and Angel Card Readings offer support and guidance when you need it. I also offer spiritual readings where I connect with the spirit of a passed love one.

I work with individuals using a variety  of spiritual to move their business or personal life forward.

I wrote A Gentle Hug for the Soul (see the menu link to Amazon) to offer people a variety of tools that can help them when they are going through a difficult situation. I run workshops and often speak to groups about ways that they can overcome these difficult times.

If you would like to know more about any of the services or workshops I run fill in this form and I look forward to working with you