Hi, I'm Lindsay

My purpose in life is to inform, to teach, to educate and to inspire.

For you

I help those who are struggling or feeling stuck. I work very much with peoples energy. I am clairsentient and can therefore often feel where there are emotional blockages within them, which sometimes manifest as physical symptoms. I often use crystals in my treatments. Energy healing can be done 121 or via distance.

I use tarot and angel cards as tools to guide and support people on their journey. These can be done in person or I record an audio for you and send it as well as a picture of the cards.

For the Workplace

I can offer Reiki services in your workplace. I can run workshops in how to protect your energies, to feel more focused and grounded. I can also give demonstrations of energy healing/tarot/angel cards or spiritual readings.

For everyone

You can tune into my FB lives every Wednesday at 8pm where I demonstrate readings. www.facebook.com/NRGHealing

I have a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/NRGHealing

I write a newsletter, full of tips and hints and upcoming workshops which you can subscribe to at the bottom of the page

You can read my book, A Gentle Hug for the Soul, available here A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need

My aim in whatever I do is to provide you with a Gentle Hug for your Soul