Hi, I'm Lindsay, owner of NRG Healing Ltd. I set up NRG Healing in April 2017. I had lost my best friend to cancer in October 2016, my 36th birthday. Several months later my ex and I decided to separate. To say it was a stressful time would be an understatement. It was challenging, the grief from losing my friend was so raw. I realised I had become emotionally numb. I couldn't remember the last time I had cried or laughed. I was bottling everything up. I set up my own business as I knew I could do Reiki. I had been a stay at home mum from when my son was born in 2011. I had to learn so many new skills and really reach out of my comfort zone. I started networking! It wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually enjoyed it. I have met so many people in the last 18 months who have helped my business to grow and thrive. These people not only helped me build my business but also helped to build me back up to my confident, happy, positive self.

I also used a variety of tools, from what I call my spiritual toolbox. I started learning Reiki in 2008 which took me down a whole new path. I learnt about crystals, angels, tarot, mindfulness, gratitude, meditating. It was this combination of tools and healing that created a foundation for me to stop stressing about life and learn to love it.

I wrote my book, A Gentle Hug for the Soul, as I wanted to share these tools with everyone. So you know life doesn't have to be one long stress. We only have one life. I want to help you learn to love it.