What is Access Bars?


I was supposed to do a Facebook live on this subject this week with my Access Bars teacher. Unfortunately we didn’t practice and I thought I knew what I was doing. I ended up talking about my experience on my Facebook page and kept waiting for Rachael to join us. ( I’ll pop the link in at the end)  Even though it didn’t go according to plan it meant Rachael did her FIRST Facebook live, which was great!

I first discovered Access Bars last January when I was at an MBS fair in Wallsend, Newcastle. A chap was doing this Access Bars as taster sessions. I’d never heard of it and thought I’ll give that a try. A good friend of mine had died the previous October and I felt I needed something. I had the session and didn’t feel anything. I left a tad disappointed. I went home and set my first boundary to my now ex husband. I was like whoa where did that come from?

I was then at Cannon Hall farm last summer where I was working in the wellbeing tent and two ladies were offering the taster sessions again. I asked them how they describe it to people and they said it’s like sucking all of the negativity and crap out of your head. Of course I had it done again and this time I felt something, it wasn’t massive but I could feel energy moving.

I thought who wouldn’t want the negativity and crap sucked out of them? So I decided I wanted to learn how to do it to help others. It fits in well with the rest of my work. I knew my teacher Rachael, from several pamper evenings I had attended. I got in touch and last November headed over to Cleckheaton to learn Access Bars. She gave me my first full treatment. Wow! As she touched different points on my head I could feel energy in different places. I was seeing images. As I was talking to her I realised it was getting rid of any limited beliefs I had placed on myself. I had always seen myself as a fixer and saver of people. When I was younger I would often ‘collect’ waifs and strays who seemed to need fixing.

The space I had in my head the next day was amazing! All those little worrying niggles were no longer there, there was an emptiness. When I asked a friend what I was supposed to fill this emptiness with she just replied ‘You’. Of course lol!

Access Bars seems to be a relatively newish therapy in the UK although it has been around for about 20 years originating in Australia.
It states on their website that:
‘Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more!’

If you want to know more about Access Bars you can check out the official website here

My FB live  link is here

​Let me know if you have experienced Access Bars or what your thoughts are on it

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