Crystals to help relieve stress

CrystalsStress for some is a daily occurrence. We run our own businesses, we have families, we are running from one place to the next. How do you cope with stress? Meditation? Exercise? Yoga? A bath? Have you thought about trying crystals? Crystals are having a moment. And so they should. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

​Using crystals alongside other coping mechanisms can be really useful in dealing with stress. These five crystals will really help you out when you are in a stressful situation.

  1. Amethyst- This stone can help you when you feel as though you are having the worst day possible. It gets rid of the negativity in your body and attracts positive energy instead. It can help to create an energetic shield around you to ward off stress and anxiety.
  2. Rose Quartz- My favourite crystal in the world! When you are feeling stressed out it can be difficult to think of anything else apart from the thing that is stressing you out. Rose quartz is a crystal of self love. This crystal can serve as a reminder that you need to take time out to look after you.
  3. Blue lace agate- Part of the reason why we can get stressed out is because we feel we can’t be honest with someone else. We may worry that we are going to hurt their feelings if we speak the truth. This crystal works by helping to open up the throat chakra which can lead to better communication.
  4. Clear quartz- This crystal is known as an all round healer. Basically ask it to work with you for anything thats bothering you and it will.
  5. Black tourmaline- If you find you have loads of mindless chatter in your head this is a great crystal for grounding yourself. ( Grounding basically means bringing you back down to earth!) It is also a great crystal for focusing on your daily tasks.

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If you have any questions on how to use these, or would like to know more about crystals I do run Introduction to Crystals Workshops or you can email me at Namaste x