How can Reiki help you at work?


Whilst I was in my final year at uni I worked in a small convenience store in Manchester. I started off on the tills, then got a supervisor role, then assistant manager within about 18 months. I enjoyed retail so applied for retail graduate roles. I went for an assessment day and was given a role with a large retailer as a graduate section manager. I moved to Peterborough and walked into one of the largest stores I had ever been in. I was allocated a buddy to help me settle in. He left after 2 weeks.

The first year was tough, very stressful, long hours but I just got on with it as this is what I was meant to do. Graduate, get a job and work my way to the top of the ladder.

I got promoted to one of the largest sections in the store as a manager after about 2 years. At the same time I went for a Reiki treatment. I then went and learnt my Reiki Level 1. What struck me about Reiki was how you could apply it in your working life. There are 5 Reiki principles:

  1. Just for Today do not anger
  2. Just for Today do not worry
  3. Just for Today be grateful
  4. Just for Today be kind to people
  5. Just for Today work with diligence

These Reiki principles stuck with me when I went back to work. Part of it is about remembering to stay in the present and be mindful. The second part are just some very basic values to remember about how to treat others as well as ourselves. By using these in business can help you to become more tolerant, more patient and more aware of how our behaviours can impact on others. Having a Reiki treatment or doing it on yourself can also help to lower our stress levels.

​Have you ever worked with someone that you feel literally drains the energy from you. After spending 10 minutes with them you are tired, down and really needing a pick me up. Doing this exercise can prevent you from feeling like that. We don’t realise how much stuff we can pick up from other people just by being in close proximity to them. By learning to be mindful, aware and protecting our energies can make a huge difference to the way we work and the way we manage people.

I learnt about grounding and protection through Reiki. This is one of my favourite exercises and one I try to share with people often. You ground yourself by placing your feet on the ground and imagining tree roots coming out of your feet and going all the way down through the earth to the earths centre. When you feel as if your roots are planted imagine a warm orange light coming back up through the roots and into your legs, working its way up your body until it comes out of the top of your head and surrounds you in an orange bubble. It sounds weird but bear with me. You can also imagine yourself wearing a suit of armour, or a bubble, or wearing a cloak. By doing this you are protecting YOUR energy from other peoples. You leave work feeling less tired and drained than normal. Try it every day for a week and see how you feel by the end of the week. Let me know how you get on!

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