Never judge a book by its cover

First impressions count. How we dress. How we style our hair. How we look. They all tell someone a story. I had the pleasure of meeting Brad Burton today at 4N York. He stood up and told us a bit of his background, who inspires him and how he started his business. Something that resonated with me though was about how people perceive him. When people look at him they automatically think he is a drug dealer, a security guard or a bouncer. Is it because of his size? His tattoos? His bald head? Probably. In case you don’t know who he is he created the 4Networking group. He has written 4 books, is a motivational speaker and is in the top 100 most influential entrepeneurs.

Sometimes we don’t realise that we are making an assumption about people based on how they look. I was driving through York the other day and spotted a bright pink mini with fluffy hanging dice and loads of teddy bears in the window. I assumed it would be a lady driver. However a chap who was around 5ft 10 was driving the car. My second thought was ‘it must be his girlfriends’. I don’t often judge people on their appearance or what they look like and it shocked me that I had assumed the driver would be a certain age or sex.

Twice this last week I have been told I don’t look like a witch. I don’t profess to being a witch or being pagan. I tell people about the spiritual work I do and I work with the moon. Maybe that’s why they think I’m a witch? I wear jumpers and skirts, jeans, dresses and leggings. Typical everyday attire.

So I just wonder do you judge people based on what they look like? Or have you been judged because you look a certain way? Drop me a note in the com

ments and let me know!

What on earth does Mercury in Retrograde mean anyway?

Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury goes retrograde

Have you heard the term ‘Mercury in Retrograde’? It’s probably only about six months ago when I first saw the term being bounced around on Twitter. What does that mean I thought? I started looking into it but not in a massive way. My favourite ‘moon’ lady author and astrologer, Yasmin Boland has just published a book with a fellow astrologer all about Mercury in Retrograde.¬†¬† In the interests of my blog readers I bought it and now understand a bit better what it means. Before I share this with you, I just want to say how interesting I found it as it makes complete sense to how my last week has been!

Last Friday morning both my children were at school. Great I thought, I can get on and finish my crystal online course I have been working on. However, once I had dropped the kids off I thought, I don’t really feel like going home and working by myself. Instead I decided to go to a local wellbeing networking event because I felt as if I wanted to be around people. I was in Newcastle on Saturday at my nieces birthday party, then yesterday I gave myself the day off to go and ‘birth’ a drum. More on this in another blog! Today I felt like decluttering my wardrobe, which I have done, got a bag for charity together, put all the washing away then sat down to read Yasmins book.

Mercury goes Retrograde

On Friday, Mercury went into retrograde into Sagittarius. I didn’t know that until today. Mercury going into retrograde happens four times a year. Basically, Mercury is going backwards. It affects everyone but if it is in your birth sign it can affect you more strongly than others. When Mercury goes retrograde there are certain things to be aware of. This is a great time to deal with unfinished business. So finish those projects you have started. Note to self, finish my online crystal course! It’s not a great time to start new projects as these may need to be redone once the retrograde has finished. Communication is massive during this time. Don’t sign any documents without reading the small print. Don’t make any HUGE decisions. Back up your laptop and mobile phone. Check your car for oil and water before you travel, and petrol too! Expect delays when travelling so always leave extra time for journeys. Get together with old friends and don’t go on a first date.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Specifically for Mercury in Sagittarius it encourages you to enjoy the lighter side of life by learning to play again! I was in the soft play with my kids on Saturday going down slides and enjoying myself rather than sitting on the side with a cuppa. Allow the fire within you to come out. Think about how you can develop your creative side and find your true passion.

I’ve found this so interesting learning over 2018 how we tick and how the planets impact on our thoughts, our feelings and our work. I’d love to know if you use planetary influences in your lives, personal or work. Just comment below.

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