About Crystals

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a non invasive therapy. After an initial consultation where we discuss your requirements I will choose which crystals are going to be the best ones for you. You lie down on a treatment bed and relax. I place the crystals on and around particular areas that I feel need them. You may feel tingling, heat or cold. The crystals may also fall off. All of these are perfectly normal experiences. The crystals can help absorb and diffuse energy within and around the body.

What are the benefits of Crystal Healing?

The crystals can help you to achieve a state of relaxation. When this state is achieved it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and bring an overall sense of calm and balance.

How to choose your crystals

Follow your instinct! Whichever one you feel drawn to will be the one that you need at this time. If you have crystals and suddenly lose one, don't worry, it means that you don't need that crystal any more and it has moved on.

Cleansing your crystals

Once you have purchased a crystal you need to take it home and cleanse it. This is just to clear any negative energy that the crystals may have absorbed. There are various ways to cleanse them; salt, water, moonlight, breath, sound, incense smoke. Some people dig them into the ground; just make sure you remember where you put them. For myself I run them under running water with the intention of clearing away negativity. I also put them in salt for 24 hrs.

Activating your crystals

Gem stonesOnce you have cleansed them you then need to activate them. You can dedicate them to various things. Self healing, healing others, harmony, love, grounding, anything. Once you have decided then hold the crystal in your hand and say, "I programme this crystal to be used for ..." Repeat this several times.

There are various ways of using crystals; you can wear them, carry them, put them on the body, under your pillow or in a room.