What is Crystal Healing?

What is a crystal?

In order to answer this question firstly you need to know what a crystal is. A crystal is a stone, from the earth, which contains vibrations and energy. There are various types of crystals which have come from different mines. The different crystals have different properties and certain issues they can help with.

What can crystals help with?

A huge variety of things. They can help with anything from love to attracting prosperity. From helping deal with grief to raising your energy. I have used them myself to support me going through a divorce, a bereavement, being a new mum and whilst pregnant

What is crystal healing then?

Crystal healing involves crystals being placed on a person. The crystals placed depend on that persons unique circumstances. This doesn’t have to be done in person. This can also be offered via distance.

So how will crystal healing help me?

The crystals will help bring your energies into balance. You will feel calm, relaxed and reenergised.

How can I find out more?

Drop me an email at nrghealingyork@gmail.com or pop over to www.facebook.com/NRGHealing and message me

Where can I get more information on crystals?

I offer a 5 day Introduction to Crystal course, delivered via email which is available in my shop. I sometimes run online Introduction to Crystal 1 workshops which are also available via my shop page.

Recommended Books to read
I have personally read all of these books and there are some great tips in there if you are interested in learning more

The Crystal Healing Book

The Crystal Bible Volume 1: Godsfield Bibles

Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing