How to Meditate

Happy World Meditation Day!

I organised my first pop up meditation in the beautiful city of York. I got my dates wrong but it didn’t matter. The sun was shining and we had 54 people turn up. There were 4 guided meditations on offer, so for those who have never meditated before it was a case of sitting and listening to the meditations. We had a variety on offer. I started with a chakra cleanse meditation. This helps people to become aware of their chakras, or energy bodies within and around them.

Jote Prakash from the Rising Dawn Sanctuary then led a meditation based on the breath and Kundalini teachings. We had Katy Garner, the Stress Less specialist, leading a meditation around focusing on a mantra. Julie Wrigley from Smooth Moves Lab then had us standing up and focusing on our bodies and awareness around them. They were all very different meditations which I hope showed people that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. It was the first time I had done a standing up meditation so a new experience for me! The feedback was fabulous and I have been asked to organise another one.

My Story

I first sat down to meditate 10 years ago after buying myself a book called Teach yourself to Meditate. I remember reading it then sitting down on the edge of my bed to quiet my mind. After 2 minutes I gave up and threw the book across the room. How was I meant to quiet my mind? I was a manager in a large retail store and would often work 12 hour days. My mind was full of work stuff, me stuff, emotional stuff. There was no way I could do this.

I dabbled in and out of meditating for a few years when I would go to spiritual workshops. It wasn’t until I faced my own challenging time that I realised the importance of meditating. It was my time. 15 or 30 minutes of no distractions, of focusing on my breath, of clearing my mind, of being present and not worrying about what could happen or what had happened in my past. It was mindful and it helped me stay calm. When I learnt Access Bars and had a treatment my mind finally, finally became clearer. It was much easier to sit in silence and appreciate it. I have 2 small children so silence isn’t something that is easy to come by in my house. When we put down our digital devices and spend time breathing and by ourselves it not only brings calm and stillness but it can help bring focus and clarity.

How to Meditate

Just making a start is progress. There are a variety of meditation tools available now which can help. If you look on YouTube there are tons of guided meditations and you might feel overwhelmed. Listen to a few just to see whose voice you like, which ones feel calming for you. You can download Headspace on your phone. I have personally never used this but have heard great things about it. Or if you want to begin with silent meditation start slowly and build yourself up. Meditation is a practise. Spend 5 minutes with your eyes closed just breathing in and out and focusing on your breath. Switch off all distractions, TV, tablets, mobile phones etc. You can do this at home, in the garden, when you are out walking. If you are wearing sunglasses you can sit with you eyes closed on a bench and noone will notice 🙂

The more you spend time out meditating the calmer you will start to feel. Meditation has many benefits including reduced anxiety, gaining clarity, feeling more focused, more present, better sleep. I wish you every success in your meditating journey. Namaste.

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