Distant Crystal Healing


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I am very excited to announce that I am now offering Distant Crystal Healing!

What is it?

When you book your session we set up a date and time for the healing to take place. I tune in and choose a variety of crystals which I feel will be of benefit to you in this moment. I sit with each crystal and ask for the healing energy of those crystals to be sent to you. As I work through the chakras and crystals I ask if there is anything I need to know specifically for you. The healing itself can take between 20 -30 mins. I send you a photo of the crystals that I have picked for you and an audio clip of what I picked up during the session.

This is what Diana said after her session

“Just had a very relaxing distance crystal healing session with Lindsay. my body was warm and tingly all the way through whilst Lindsay connected to me and explored what crystals I may need this moment in time. one of my favourites came up moonstone which I do love and wear all the time. glad to hear there is a reason I am so drawn to it. Lindsay has also pointed out things looking slightly off / missaligned within my solar plexus due to me having way too many apples which she could also identify ( no idea how..I think she is a witch 🤔🤔🤔😊😊😊) . she could feel I was emotional today within my heart chakra like I was missing somebody dearly who I lost which was also correct as I was having an emotional morning remembering my grandad randomly through a TV programme. Thank you so much Lindsay. I will look out for the crystals that will help me get back into alignment 😊😊😊”

Crystal healing via distance works through using intention and I connect with your energy. All you need to do is be sitting or lying comfortably. I perform the healing and will send you an audio and a photo after the healing has taken place. There will be an opportunity for you to feedback and ask any questions afterwards.

When you are limited on time and want a service within the comfort of your own home this is ideal.


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