Working 121 with me


Reiki is a hands on/hands off therapy which alleviates energy blockages within and around the body. Primarily working with Usui Reiki, Lindsay has incorporated this into her healing sessions. It can help release stuck energies which no longer serve you and allows you to feel lighter and more energised. Lindsay can do this either in person or via distant healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing

I use a combination of Reiki, crystals, drumming and sometimes smudging to really cleanse a persons energy and aura. This allows you to feel lighter, more energised and as if you have more space within and around you. Removing stuck energy allows your energy to flow more naturally

Access Bars

Access Bars is a therapy that I offer which can help clear the mind of negativity and relentless chatter. I had my first taster session and then set my first boundary. I had another taster done and it cleared my mind. When I learnt it, boom, I let go of all self limiting beliefs I had about myself, I let go of expectations and anything else which no longer served me. My mind felt empty. I had no fear. No worries. I was able to be me. To find out more click below and if you want to try a session then drop me an email…/…/what-is-access-bars/


I offer spiritual mentoring for those on their spiritual journey, who may feel confused, lonely or isolated. I also offer mentoring for small business owners who are looking for a different approach, I work from the heart as opposed to from my mind. I don’t tell you what I think you should do, I feel into it and then ask how you feel about what you want to do. ( Sometimes I might smudge you too!)


I offer spiritual/tarot and angel card readings. These are usually done via distance. All I require is your full name and a  number. I can then send you your reading via WhatsApp. A full hour in depth session is available via phone or Zoom.