The Awakening Collective

What is the Awakening Collective?

The Awakening Collective is an online membership group, made up of like minded individuals. People you can talk to who understand what you are saying, or if they don’t they are open minded enough to accept what you have to say.

Is it for me?

You might have seen the Gaia adverts talking about people all over the planet waking up.

You might sit at home watching YouTube channels about Pleidians, energy updates, higher beings, different dimensions.

You might have heard of or read  The Secret, Abraham Hicks, Barbara Goldsmith, Lee Harris, Napoleon Hill

Why is this for me?

The Awakening Collective was an idea that came up from talking to a friend of mine. He is at the very start of his spiritual awakening. He had no friends or family that he could really talk to about this ‘stuff’ Several of my clients were telling me how they felt lonely and isolated as their friends and family thought they were crazy or needed to see a doctor. They couldn’t tell people how they felt or about the truths they just knew.  A spiritual awakening can be tough and lonely if you have no-one who understands what you are going through.

What do you know about spiritual awakening?

I have been on my own spiritual journey since 2002 when I first heard of Reiki. It wasn’t until I lost my best friend to cancer then several months later decided to get divorced that I went through my own major awakening. I was lucky. I had all of the tools I needed to get me through a rough eight months. I spoke to the Angels, I meditated, I journalled, I sought healing, I used crystals. I visited a shaman. I literally used everything I had spent 10 years learning to get me through that time. I want to share these tools with you so at least when you are going through your own awakening you will have them with you too.

What will I get from my membership?

In the membership group I will be bringing in experts to talk about tools that have helped them on their spiritual journey. Tools such as Soul Plans, Shadow work, Shamanism, Past Lives, Future Lives. I will be running a group mentoring session once a month on a variety of topics which will also support you in your awakening. Meet ups will also be planned as I believe strongly in the importance of human connection.

You will feel a sense of belonging as you can be open and honest and ask questions or share information with us that has been given to you. It is my hope that you make some friends and feel supported in your awakening, as well as learning what can help you along your path.

Becoming a Founding Member

To become a Founding Member the cart will open on May 8th and close on May 15th at 8pm. The membership is going to be £40 per month but for a Founding Member it will be £20 per month. This price will stay the same even when I open it up at the higher rate. If you decide to leave then want to come back it will be at the higher price.

In addition to half price membership I will be offering discounts for you guys to events and workshops. AND you will get half price entry to all Awakening Collective Meet Ups.

How does it get better than that? There will be a ton of content going into the group. As Founding Members your feedback is extremely important to me. So I will be asking for your opinion on how we can make this group the best as possible, for you, for me and for others.

I’d love to see you in my membership group. It is currently on Facebook as that is the platform I use the most. If you aren’t on Facebook but want to join please get in touch anyway.

So if you are ready to take the next step in your awakening journey then just click the subscribe button below

I look forward to welcoming you to the Awakening Collective 🙂

Payment Options

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